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We are Internet and Intranet service provider since 2012 in Coimbatore. We started our company in the name of SANSFIL NETWORKS at the beginning stage. In 2018 we have completely changed every aspect of SANSFIL NETWORKS to V CONNECT NETWORKS. 

We started a company based on Internet services and later we add services like Computer Installation and Services, Security systems (like CCTV Camera, thumb attendance, Face recognition). We have individual teams for the projects. We assure the quality of delivery.


“To deliver the quality of service and quick response to the customers for entire Coimbatore.”


The Internet Service Provider will ensure that LAUNCH is provided with:

  • Up to 100mbps dedicated internet service 24 hours daily seven days a week at the locations stated above.
  • Any additional equipment necessary to be installed to ensure internet operates at its full capacity
  • Bandwidth monitoring tools which allows the control of bandwidth and visualize network usage at a fine-grained level, ensure the ability to assign data transfer quotas, guarantee bandwidth, and prioritize and de Prioritize sites using a graphical representation of service usage
  • Other products and services offered through the connection.

Security Systems & PC will ensure that LAUNCH is provided with:

  • We use the Best Brand in the market.
  • Quality of material and brand are used in installation as per the quotation.


  • * GST 18% applicable
  • Offer validity is 1 week from the date of this proposal
  • Purchase Order and Payment through cheque or online to be placed on “V Connect Networks”
  • Payment Terms : Monthly/3 Months/6 Months/Annually (Defined as per the quotation)
  • Offers are valid only if mentioned in this quotation
  • V Connect Networks will issue fixed payment(s) based on submission and acceptance of deliverables. Once an award is issued, it will include a fixed price payment schedule with deliverables specified above. A copy of the purchase order with terms and conditions are attached to this RFP (Request for proposal)  for informational purposes